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Application of WP Barnegat, LLC

WP Barnegat, LLC has applied to the Barnegat Township Planning Board for amended preliminary site plan approval and final major site plan approval and any and all variances or waivers the Board may reasonably require in the exercise of its discretion, and without further public notice, concerning the development described below on property shown as Lot 1.01 in Block 115 on the Barnegat Township Tax Map, which is located at 907 West Bay Avenue and currently consists of approximately 5.63 acres of vacant land.

The undersigned applicant seeks the aforementioned relief in order to construct, establish and maintain an approximately 7,900 square foot multi-tenant retail building as part of a previously approved but not yet constructed shopping center. The applicant previously received preliminary major site plan approval and variance relief from the Planning Board for the construction of an approximately 26,516 square foot retail shopping center to consist of an approximately 9,100 square foot Dollar General building, an approximately 6,816 square foot Auto Zone building, an approximately 4,000 square foot bank and an approximately 6,600 square foot retail building at a public hearing held on May 28, 2019, memorialized in Resolution P-2019-15, adopted June 25, 2019.

The applicant now seeks amended preliminary site plan approval and final site plan approval for Phase II of the approved site plan in order to expand the approved multi-tenant retail building from 6,600 square feet to approximately 7,900 square feet. All other aspects of the previous approvals are to remain. The development on Lot 1.01 shall also consist of accessory building mounted identification signage, parking, lighting, drainage improvements, landscaping, utility installations, and other related site improvements.  This application bears No. PB 18-14 on the Secretary's Docket.

An online, virtual public hearing on the above-mentioned application has been scheduled for a special meeting and public hearing to be held on April 28, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. 

The public hearing will be held telephonically and online only. 

Any interested party (as defined by N.J.S.A. 40:55D-4) will have an opportunity to watch or listen to the online proceedings and be heard by following this link to the GoToMeeting web conferencing site and following the instructions provided to join the online meeting at the date and time indicated above:


You may also participate in the hearing telephonically by calling (669) 224-3412 and entering the following code: 736-566-509, at the date and time indicated above. 

It is recommended that you log on or dial in 15-20 minutes in advance of the public hearing.

The filed application for development concerning this application, all of the exhibits which will be relied upon at the hearing, together with the Planning Board consultant reports are available for inspection by following this link where those documents can be viewed on DropBox:


Members of the public interested in asking questions or providing comments concerning the application can do so in advance of the hearing by sending an email to kdavis@npdlaw.com.  The applicant will make all reasonable efforts to respond to inquiries from the public in advance of the meeting.  There will be a portion of the online, telephonic public hearing dedicated to public comment.

Additional questions or to make other arrangements for inspection of the application on file or to raise concerns with participation in the public hearing online or telephonically should be directed to Barnegat Township by calling (609) 698-0080, extension 155 during regular business hours.

Attorneys for Applicant WP Barnegat, LLC
4030 Ocean Heights Avenue
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
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